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on my way to the emergency room


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also this is my favorite vine

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Nomi Chi



Nomi Chi

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Our fight does not begin nor end in Ferguson. Around the country many young black men and women are losing their lives to police brutality and excessive force. We cannot turn a blind eye to this. Fergson is not a singular event. Nor should our response to it be. Police brutality is an epidemic in the black and latino community and it needs to be stopped. 

The information about the cop involved in this case still has not been released and all I can ask is who’s child will be next. 


There was 2-3 different police involved shootings in the Chicago area within the past few days. 

I’m sick. Physically ill. Why does this keep happening?

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shoutout to every time i wanted 2 kill myself but i spent hours taking selfies to distract myself instead!!!!!!! there will be times you do not want to be the star of your own story but you are the star and it is important to be present or to try to be present, make evidence of you trying, it is not easy to try, it is not easy to exist, you do not move on, you move through, you break down the weight and despair into something tangible and you have to surround yourself in the evidence. you exist you exist you take up space! right where you are! i love the space i take up i love the space my friends take up, i miss the space my friends took up, it will never be filled, nobody can fill it. heavy weights. i will fight every time it gets hard because i know that beyond the stupid fucking grossness of depression there is a big big big endless fire of rage and love i have to share with the world i will not let it go out not ever not even by myself. i will fight every inch of the way and i will look back and i will be able to say i can’t believe i survived myself 

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AFROPUNK music festival in NYC (x)

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